Dior J'adore Perfume Price in Kenya

Dior's J'adore Perfume is the epitome of femininity.  From the gorgeous bottle shaped like a Greek amphora to the opulent golden liquid inside it. One of the most well-blended feminine perfume ever created. No surprise that it's incredibly popular not just here in Kenya but also all over the world.

J'adore Perfume Price in Kenya KSh. 14,500 to 18,000

Perfume Information

  • Scent Description: White Floral, Sweet Fruity, Fresh Aquatic
  • Dominant Notes: Jasmine, Pear, Melon, Lily of the Valley, Magnolia, Tuberose, Peach, Freesia, Rose, Musk, Orchid
  • Longevity: Long Lasting
  • Sillage: Strong
  • Launched On: 1999
  • Nose Behind It: Calice Becker

J'adore by Dior Review

What Dies J'adore Smell Like?

J'adore by Dior is a bouquet of white flowers starring Jasmine, tuberose, magnolia, freesia, and lily of the valley. It simply smells like flowers but is also fresh, with a lovely soapy soft scent.

The shape and color of the bottle is in perfect harmony with the juice inside. A sparkling floral with champagne vibes.

How the graceful Charlize Theron would smell like stomping down the runway in a gold dress.

How Long Does J'adore Last?

J'adore doesn't have beast mode performance but both the longevity and sillage are good. Apply it on moisturized skin and it will grace your skin for 6-8 hours. As for sillage, it's noticeable without being cloying. You will get many "You smell gooood, what perfume is that?" moments.

When and Where to Wear It?

J'adore is an impeccably blended fragrance that's many things at once: soft yet rich, floral yet sweet, fresh yet mature, classy yet sensual. This makes it incredibly versatile. You can wear it in any weather, any occasion, any time of day or night. Sunny and golden in it's disposition, the fragrance shines in good weather. It's a breath of freshness in the heat. 

It projects confidence which makes it a great scent for a professional or business woman. Great for special occasions too coz it oozes class, refinement, sophistication and leaves a classy impression.

Wrap Up: Is Dior’s J'adore Worth the Money?

Absolutely! J'adore one of the best ladies designer perfumes of all time. Though J'adore bears a Dior price, the quality is superb, the smell is amazing, and the performance doesn't disappoint. There's also the super versatility. You can rock the scent anywhere you want to make a statement of femininity and class.


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